Petchaburi Beaches – An Hiddent Gem In Thailand

Phetchaburi province is located on the west coast of the Thai gulf and is easily accessed by both road and railway. Phetchaburi (also called Phetburi) is studded with history, going back to the royal fortress built over a thousand years ago. These days the province’s inhabitants are mostly farmers, but there are many attractions for tourists, from the national park which embraces the mountains and rain forest in the west, to the Phetchaburi beaches at the coast.

Phetburi’s characteristic mountains are covered by thick jungle, especially towards the rugged border with Myanmar. Intrepid nature lovers will appreciate the rich diversity of unspoiled scenery to be found here, under the protection of the national parks scheme.

Petchaburi Beaches

For a more relaxing destination, there are three main beaches which have become very popular with visitors, whether they come in search of high star rated beach resorts, ideal family vacations at the Thai seaside, or backpacking exploration. Between them, these three Phetchaburi Beaches – Cha-Am beach, Chao Samran beach and Puk Tien beach – play host to large numbers of tourists all year round, and are enjoyed by Thai locals and visitors from around the world alike.

Cha-am beach was originally developed by prince Narathip who brought both road and rail transport access to the beach. Chao Samran beach is characterized by the sandy white beaches and cool calm waters. It was originally developed as a royal beach by king Rama IV. Puk Tien beach is approximately 18 km north of Cha-am beach and has a good network of roads enabling easy access to the beach. The unique feature of this Phetchaburi beach is the display of numerous statues by Suthon Phu punctuating its coastline.

Lovers of architecturally designed temples can look forward to seeing a variety of styles in the town. However, most tourists prefer to view the famous and magnificent royal palace complex at Khao Wang, now a national monument managed by the Fine Arts Department. To the north of the city there are two gigantic caves at Khao Luang, one exhibiting an array of Buddha statues, the other featuring a venerable tree that is estimated to be 300 years old. These scenes coupled with the Phetchaburi beaches are ideal for a relaxing getaway.

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