Visiting a Temple In Thailand

When you travel to Thailand, one of the things you must do is to visit at least 1 temple . This is a great experience to see and understand many of the Thai-life styles. All races, religions are welcome to the temples you should just consider some things that is important. Before entering the “wat” you should take of you footwear. You should also show a respect to the Thai people that are there for praying always give them space to go in and out from the temple. You can take pictures as long as you do not disturb some one.

The Thai monks are the highest respected people in Thailand, it is important to treat them with respect at all time. You are welcome to show your interest in the Buddhist religion by asking the monks about Buddha. Remember to keep the respect and distant to them, do not try to touch them or their robes.

You can visit the Temple fairs when you see one, they are like a traveling amusement park and at the same time sell many sheep things. You can also find allot of good food during the fairs. Go their and meet the Thai people, see them enjoy them self and at the same time helping the temples get in money to restore, repair and maintain the temples.

For the person that like to go up early in the morning, you can go out at sunrise and have a look at the monks walking around with their robes and with a big bowl where the Thai people offering food to the monks. This is a way for the people to slow their harts down and a chance for them to help others.

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