Koh Phangan Beaches – Part 2

Haad Yuan Beach

Haad Yuan Beach

Haad Yuan beach is a three kilometer white sandy beach found on the southern Haad Yao, only five kilometers away from the party haven Haad Rin. This is one of three closely neighboring white sand beaches, the others being Haad Thian and Haad Wai Nam, all just a kilometer away from each other. These beaches flourish because they take in the overspill from Haad Rin, especially near
the times of the famous moon parties.

Access is usually by boat, but there is a mountainous path for those who might prefer to walk. Please be warned that the east coast experiences some rough weather conditions from time to time, cases of boats stalling in the waters have been reported, though not so common to be alarming.

Fortunately, the waters surrounding Haad Yuan beach are free from coral formations, making it possible to swim and dive all through the year.

Most accommodation facilities at Haad Rin beach are old school in nature and the locality still retains a lot of its traditional buildings. Bungalows, resorts and hotels here exhibit unique old-style architectural designs with gorgeous rooms. The mountainous jungle that surrounds this beach endears it to nature lovers and those in pursuit of a quiet exit from busy lifestyles and city noise. There are however some nice bars and restaurants where you can grab a drink and enjoy well prepared foods while listening to a variety of musical styles.

With all the congestion that can be experienced on Koh Phangan during the moon parties, Haad Yuan beach offers a perfect resting place for revelers intending to stay behind at the island after the parties are over.

Accommodation is affordable and the food quality is superb. The relaxing sun, the calm waters, the cool breezes, the refreshing atmosphere and the white sands make Haad Yuan a perfect destination.

Haad Yao Beach

Haad Yao beach is also known as the Long beach and is located on the western coast of the Koh Phangan Island. This is one of the most popular beaches on the island and is a personal favorite for some of the tourists who frequently return to the Thai coast. The Haad Yao beach has a variety of natural attractions and beautiful scenery, not least its beautifully curving bays and lovely sandy beaches lapped by cool, calm waters.

The beach is called the long beach because it boasts of over a kilometer of pristine white sandy beach that is perfect for many fun activities. Holidaymakers at Haad Yao beach can enjoy sunbathing under the afternoon sun or relaxing naps under the shade of the many palm trees dotting the beach. There are beach games such as volleyball to play, or romantic walks to take in the evening sunset.

The waters at the Haad Yao beach are perfect for swimming especially during high tide as the sea water stays shallow near the beach, only gradually deepening as you move further out to sea.

The Haad Yao beach is also an ideal spot for those who love snorkeling and diving as it is also home to some live coral formations. All told, the perfect white sandy beaches dotted with palms and coconut trees, together with its ideal swimming and snorkeling conditions have led to it being labeled as the perfect beach by many visitors.

The beach has a wide variety of guest houses and beach resorts that stretch along the beach and also along its rocky headland. Some resorts light beach bonfires in the evening and serve their guests with food and drink around the fires.

The nightlife at Haad Yao is mainly comprised of local bars that occasionally hold parties, and a number of beach bars playing reggae music.

The Haad Yao beach is one of the most developed beaches on the western coast of Koh Phangan and so is a rather sociable place with some exciting dining facilities.

Haad Salad Beach

Haad Salad beach is located on the north western part of Koh Phangan Island. The beach was a sleepy and rather undeveloped location until the last decade when beach resorts and bungalows started to spring up. Before that, the beach was recognized by the locals as an old hideaway where pirates used to load their booty onto their ships before sailing out to trading ports.

The beach is in a secluded location, a peaceful and quiet spot that is perfect for visitors looking for an area of tranquility to escape to and just relax. Surrounded by low hills, Haad Salad beach has soft white sandy beaches that are rimmed with rows of palm trees offering a cool and relaxing shade. The beach is therefore ideal for sunbathing under the midday sun, taking relaxing naps under the shades of the palm trees or taking evening strolls under the magical sunsets.

The beach is also ideal for swimming, especially during the period between November and April when the beach experiences its highest tides. The rest of the year it is still just fine for splashing around in the cool shallow waters – especially for kids. At the same time, some of the beach resorts here have their balconies fitted with hammocks, so that guests can take relaxing naps free of any stress. That makes the beach perfect for old timers who are searching for a place to escape from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life, and just want to kick back and relax.

Haad Salad features some live coral formations about 150 meters offshore and is therefore a perfect spot for snorkeling. The area around the coral reefs has a rich marine life with a variety of colorful tropical fish that offers many magical underwater scenes.

The hills around the beach also give a good view of the coastline and are perfect for hikes. The area has a variety of accommodation facilities ranging from simple rooms for backpackers to fancier beach resorts and high end hotels.

Haad Rin Beach

Haad Rin beach is one of the most popular spots on the island of Koh Phangan, famous for its thriving night life and a variety of numerous beautiful attractions.

Indeed, Haad Rin beach is possibly the best known beach on the Thailand coast, and attracts vast numbers of tourists from all over the globe all year round. The beach is perfect for all those visitors looking for a place to holiday and party while enjoying some magical natural attractions and great beaches.

Haad Rin beach is characterized by a long strip of bars and night clubs pumping out techno and reggae jams to the drunken tourists partying their hearts out every night till dawn. Haad Rin beach is also the location for the infamous Full Moon Party that is held every month, which is a magnet for foreign tourists looking to party under the splendor of the full moon. The beach is hence not ideal for visitors who are searching for a quiet and serene beach where they can simply relax and tune out.

All the same, Haad Rin beach boasts wide and long white sandy beaches fringing deep sea waters that are ideal for a host of different leisure activities. The deep waters are perfect for swimming, surfing and kayaking. The waters are also deep enough for swimming even at low tides, so there is no down time when holidaymakers cannot enjoy relaxing swims. The beaches are ideal for sunbathing, taking relaxing walks or playing beach games such as beach soccer and volleyball.

The resorts in the area also offer jet skis for hire and guests can also take Jet Ski rides in the deep waters.

The beach is however not an ideal location to enjoy Thai culture, since most of the visitors are foreigners who can be found in the streets and night clubs during the night, or in the movie theatres and restaurants during the day. Being such a popular destination, the area around Haad Rin beach offers numerous ATMs and money exchange agencies. As for accommodation, revelers can choose from a wide range of hotels, villas, beach resorts or bungalows.

Chao Phao Beach

Chao Phao beach is located on the west coast of Koh Phangan. This region consists of some of the quietest beaches and most magnificent bays on the island, making them ideal for visitors looking for a quiet and isolated area to escape to.

The most popular among these include the Haad Yao, Haad Sakad and Chao Phao beaches. Chao Phao beach itself is strategically placed in a gently curving bay that offers some pretty scenery as you move northwards. In it you will find a shallow strip of sandy beach that is perfect for beach activities such as sunbathing, relaxing naps and swimming.

Compared to other beaches, the water at Chao Phao beach is fairly deep even at low tides, which makes it perfect for swimming at any time. Just offshore there are rich and attractive coral formations teeming with exotic aquatic life, perfect for those with a taste for diving and snorkeling.

Several bays in the area near the Chao Phao beach offer magical scenery, and they can easily be accessed by boat rides booked at the beach. Their secluded nature has made the area a favoured destination for visitors who prize tranquility above all.

The beach offers a relaxing, laid back environment with economical accommodation options that attract a range of different visitors. The food at the Chao Phao beach mostly consists of authentic Thai cuisines, fresh sea food and a variety of vegetarian options.

Available accommodation includes family run bungalow setups that are a haven for backpackers, together with a range of fancier and well equipped options such as beach resorts and hotels.

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Chaloklum Beach

Chaloklum Beach

Chaloklum beach is located in the northern coast of the Koh Phangan island, far from the famous party beaches to the south. Ao Chaloklum bay is the largest bay on the island and sweeps across the west to the northern center of the gulf. Chaloklum is considered one of the most authentic regions in Koh Phangan as it has not been greatly influenced by foreigners in recent years. The area
is therefore rich in Thai traditions, making it an ideal destination for visitors who enjoy a touch of history and culture.

The fishing village at Chaloklum is one of the least developed areas on the island. Nearby Chaloklum beach is nevertheless a very beautiful spot featuring a range of attractions and eye catching scenery. The locale attracts a variety of visitors, from families on vacation to night revelers, and from hearty outdoor types to the hammock swingers.

Because it is a working fishery, the boats can sometimes stir the sediment beneath the bay surface, leaving the waters murky and not quite ideal for swimming. The western and eastern extremities of the beach are however characterized by some magnificent beaches that holidaymakers can enjoy.

The western part of the Chaloklum beach is quiet and peaceful and enjoys plenty of tree cover providing cool shadows to those relaxing on the lovely sandy beaches below. The beach also has offshore breakwaters that provide good shelter to those enjoying peaceful naps on the beach.

The eastern part of the Chaloklum beach is where the majority of the bungalows and guest houses can be found.

The town has a variety of seafood restaurants that offer juicy, mouthwatering local cuisines. The town also offers a lively nightlife – not as wild as in Haad Rin but still an attractive range of bars and night clubs. An altogether more peaceful location to visit is the Chinese temple to the south of the village. The temple has some colorful Chinese architecture as well as some lovely Buddha images.

Ban Tai Beach

Ban Tai beach is located at the north western corner of Koh Phangan Island, off the southern coast of Thailand. It stretches approximately four or five kilometers along the north face of the island, but, although it is the nearest part of the island to the mainland, the beach is visited by a relatively limited number of tourists. It is not completely developed as other beaches in the area, so the beach is quiet, peaceful and serene – perfect for travelers who like to keep to themselves, and also for those looking for a quiet and serene environment in which to relax and unwind.

Ban Tai beach has numerous attractions for visitors to enjoy while taking their vacation on the island. The waters at Ban Tai beach are calm and perfect for a relaxing swim under the afternoon sun. At low tides, the water retreats into the far distance, exposing cool mud and rock formations at the beach.

Beyond the shoreline there are some shallow coral reefs that provide visitors with the opportunity to snorkel. The locals can be found harvesting shellfish from the reefs while the tides are at low ebb. Behind the beach is a modest range of low hills that can be accessed via the road as it turns to the south to Nathon. The hills offer fantastic views of the sea and frequently one can be lucky enough to see ferries loading and unloading as well as naval ships patrolling the coast or cruise liners docking at the port.

Back at the beach, there are several furniture and dΓ©cor shops, as well as a variety of art shops in the area where you can buy souvenirs. Another location that you might like to check out is the shell museum just down the road as you go towards Nathon. The accommodation at Ban Tai beach consists of a few high end resorts plus a variety of smaller hotels that offer comfortable bedding facilities and some mouthwatering cuisines.

Ban Tai Beach

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Ban Kai

Ban Kai beach, a few kilometers north of Haad Rin on Koh Phangan island, gets its name from its origin as a mining camp, from the days when gold miners spent their nights camping at the beach in the old days. Even now, the beach has a quiet and relatively rustic feel to it, and it is not usually very crowded, unlike the more developed beaches on the island.

The sand on some parts of the Ban Kai beach is rather rough due to remaining rubbish and debris from the former mining areas. However, most of the beach is relatively clean and lovely with soft sands and calm waters. The beach is divided into two by a creek, with one side being known as the Ban Tai and the other as the Ban Kai. Holidaymakers at this beach can consider visiting some of the old gold mines and absorb some historic Thai culture.

The beach is narrower in some spots, especially as you move towards the east. The Ban Kai beach then widens near the rocky headland near Golden Beach resort. The waters around the beach are shallow with a smooth seafloor, which allows for a pleasant swim without too much splashing around.

The beach is also dotted with rows of palm trees that offer beautiful scenery while providing cool, relaxing shade. The beach can therefore be perfect for taking some relaxing naps or for reading a book under the shades of the palm trees. All the same, Haad Rin beach attracts vast numbers of young travelers, and so neighboring areas such as Ban Kai inherit a lot of that youthful vivacity, both during daytime and at night.

Ban Kai beach has a variety of different accommodations that support a range of budgets from thrifty back packers staying in family run bungalows to wealthy tourists staying at classy beach resorts and high end hotels. Therefore, if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place to relax during the day and enjoy a buzzing nightlife in the evenings, then the Ban Kai beach is the place to be.