Visa and Transportation

Transportation During Your Visit To Thailand

Car Rental

Rental car in Thailand is very easy, easy to drive and easy to get to your destination you like.The driving system is driving on the left-hand side of road.
The international driving license or English driving license and credit card are required. Visitors should check insurance provisions before renting.

Taxi & Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk

Its easy and convenience to get a cap anywhere, its start with a set price of 35 baht. Some of them can speak a little English so should have the destination name in Thai to specific them.

Tuk-Tuk means three wheeled open-air motorised vehicles. The name that given are from the engine sound “tuk tuk”. Tuk-Tuks offer an interesting ride! It best for the short trips during peak hours.

The price can bargain, it cost less than the price of a comparable journey by taxi meter.

In peak hours the tiny tuk tuks can often weave in and out of traffic faster than any car however there are some things to bear in mind.


  • Bargain. Hard! Though for local Thais the fare in a tuk tuk is not excessive it can double or triple for any visiting farang.
  • The structure of a tuk tuk offers no protection in case of accident or from heat, rain or traffic pollution.
  • Tuk tuk drivers may say that they will take you on a tour of the city for ridiculously small sums. In this case you will be taken to various tailors, handicraft and jewellery outlets. Whether or not you buy anything the shop will treat the driver to a complimentary re-fuel.
  • Avoid riding in tuk-tuk in wet weather.

Public Transportation

Bangkok ‘ s public transport service is inexpensive and provides transportation in the city and suburbs. Air-conditioned buses fair is 6-16 baht (depending on distance). Microbuses air-conditioned and for a flat fare of 20 baht and guaranteed a seat. Non air-conditioned buses are extremely crowded during peak periods. The flat fare for these is 3.50 baht.

Destinations are written in Thai, so you should obtain a bus route map (available from the hotel and bookshops).

Motorcycle Taxis

Undoubtedly the fastest way to get around in Bangkok, the motor bike taxis are also the most dangerous. Drivers wear numbered vests and can be flagged down or picked up from one of their many waiting areas.


  • Always wear a safety helmet. Not only might this save your life but should the police catch you without one it is you – and not the driver – who will pay the fine.
  • Negotiate the fare before you decide to take the ride.
  • Be prepared for a few scary moments whilst juggling through dense traffic.
  • Always warn the driver to GO SLOW (Cha Cha Khrup/Kha). Some drivers drive fast to get you to your destination and then secure another fare as fast as possible.


Thailand’s efficient rail network links Bangkok with all points of the country. Hualamphong Station serves destinations in the north and northwest, while Bangkok Noi on the Thon Buri side of the Chao Praya River serves Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi and points south.

Sleeper berths are available on express stations and advance bookings can be made from most princpal stations or from the Bangkok Advance Booking Office:Tel: (66 2) 225 0300 ext. 5200/3.


It is worth noting that advance booking is recommended in those periods close to public holidays in Thailand. Many Bangkok Thais take every opportunity to visit relatives upcountry and vice versa
More information on Thailand’s rail system as well as online schedules and ticketing can be found at:

Hualamphong Station
Rama IV Road
Tel: (66 2) 223 0341

Bangkok Noi/Thon Buri Station
Arun Amarin Road
Tel: (66 2) 411 3102