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Rock Climbing In Thailand

Cliff climbing is another environment-friendly activity with a growing number of participants. The most popular area for climbing is the southern province of Phang Nga and Krabi, where towering limestone cliffs provide the perfect challenge.

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Rock Climbing In Krabi


Throughout the world’s rock climbing community Thailand’s position as the world’s leading exotic rock climbing destination is well established.

The thousands of visitors who travel to Krabi in Southern Thailand solely for a dedicated rock-climbing holiday each year mean that there is plenty of enjoyment for climbers of all levels. This ranges from dedicated climbing schools located in Ao Phra Nang and Ko Phi Phi in Krabi province to some of the world’s hardest climbs on the Andaman Beach.

A relatively new sport to Thailand, rock climbing’s popularity is growing fast and the unique combination of clean limestone, warm sun and stunning background scenery ensure this unusual sport will continue to draw adventure orientated visitors in increasing numbers.

Rock Climbing, originally a way for mountaineers to practice their climbing skills to aid ascents of large mountains, has developed into a sport in its own right and at present its popularity outweighs that of its original forefather: mountaineering. The development of modern climbing aids such as ropes, climbing shoes, carabiners and belay devices have minimised the serious risks in this adrenaline-orientated sport. Today as many as 2000 visitors to Thailand gain their first experience of rock climbing each year with the six dedicated rock-climbing schools in Ao Phra Nang alone.

You may well consider that such an activity is well beyond your capabilities. Yet moderate fitness and a willingness to take part are all that is needed to scale the most vertical of rock faces. For the thousands who find themselves hooked on this enigmatic sport, diet and upper body strength become major focuses of their training regimes. It is safe to say you can forego this if it is just your intention to sample some of Asia’s most coveted rock.

An introductory course to Rock Climbing with one of Ao Pra Nang’s climbing schools will set you back 1000 Baht per person per day. This includes equipment hire, an instructor and six hours of climbing. In addition to this, half and three day courses are offered at 500 Baht and 3000 Baht respectively. Nowhere else in the world are you likely to get such a cheap introduction to the sport and if you do the environment is unlikely to be as attractive as that of Southern Thailand.

For those who have tried this sport and posses their own equipment, it is beyond doubt that you will have heard about Thailand as a climbing destination. It really is as good as they say. Fleeces are replaced with just a pair of shorts, natural protection by glue-in bolts and long walks back to the car by a swim in warm blue sea.

If a simple beach holiday just never seems enough or if you just want to try hanging 20 metres above the ground by your finger tips for a couple of hours, it seems like Krabi is the place to head for vertical fun.

Information for first time visitors

This is one of the areas that has been developed of late. I tried to get away without writing a guide to Ao Phra Nang through laziness and when this site first started it read, “However, what it isn’t is a guide to Krabi. There is a number of these and they are outlined below the first three photos. This section of the site is purely a write up of a week in Krabi during the Rainy season (Oct 99). This is the reason for me taking the lap top in the first place. If you can not climb you may as well write about it. This is my third trip to Raylee Beach climbing. There are some photos that I scanned in from yet another trip which was in the Summer of 1999.

However, it soon became clear that basic information was the main source of queries. So, here it all is. I suggested you follow the Flash version of the link as it is quicker and looks groovy. If after you have looked at that, or you have a computer that is old, use the HTML version. What has also become clear was that the area is getting enough visitors to support a full guide. And here I am hopefullly filling that gap.

  1. Krabi Rock Climbing
    4.7  (38) · Rock climbing
    Railay Beach · +66 95 028 3143
    Open ⋅ Closes 6PM

  2. Real Rocks Climbing School, rock climbing Krabi, Railay Beach
    4.8  (56) · Rock climbing instructor
    116 Moo 5 T. Saithai · +66 80 718 1351

Been to Krabi or Ao Nang?

Got some photos or information? Let me know. This is a plea for stories, photos, ideas, suggestions etc. Send them any way you wish, text files, MS Word documents, HTML, JPG’s – All information will be added to the site, sources quoted however you want and links back to your site if you have one. Are you going to Ao Phra Nang soon? If so let me know: You can use the form below, or e-mail [email protected]

Ao Nang tower – one of the most scenic places to climb in Ao Phra Nang, with a classic 6b, 6b+, 6c to the very top.

Climbing in Khao-Yoi

I should really change the title to climbing around Bangkok, as there isn’t any climbing in Bangkok other than one or two climbing walls. Outside of Krabi, Thailand climbing is still a relatively unknown sport. Thais seem to think one mad if you answer the common question of where are you going? with “Bin Naa Paa”. However, there are two crags within a few hours of Bangkok. One: Kao Yoi, an easy day trip and the other at Uthai Thani more like a weekend’s exercise.
As an addmedum to the above. There is new crag opening up in Lopburi.

Onto the local crag – Khao Yoi

There has been a bit ot new routing here. Tex put up Three Dimension 6a (bit of Thai grammar there) at the end of Jan. 2000. Since then, Tom has put up two new 7a’s, there have been two climbs at the far end and Sangha and I put up a climb called – Simon Mark 6b+. I know having a web page in yor own name is bad enough. The name was not my choice. My bolts, my marking of the placements and Sangha’s handiwork and first ascent. His choice of name. The general concensus is that it is great climb with a hard move low down. Give it a try.

How to get there

Drive south from Bangkok heading for the south proper. You should be on the expressway unless you want to waste a lifetime. Follow the signs south and you’ll come down from the expressway into some dodgy road. Keep going straight and follow the signs to Pechaburi. About an hour from Bangkok you will pass a big plastic bat on the center aisle of the road (I’m not making this up). About 5 mins after this you will take left filter and see signs for Kao Yoi. It is about 15km from here and you can see it in the distance. You will come to a cross roads with the Cave and Temple of Kao Yoi sign posted to your left. There is a nice noodle shop on the corner. Tuck In. Coming from the main road, you will turn left (from the main road), then first right about 20 meters later and park in the school ground on the left. The above photo was taken from there. Opposite the entrance to the left there is a brief walk up through the trees to the crag.

What to take

All the routes here are bolted. A matt for your gear is always a must, plenty of water and mosquito repellant. The buggers are hungary. If you forget all these things you can buy them at the noodle shop.

The Routes

There is a topo I can put here when I get it. There are about 20 routes and these range from F5+ to 7C. There is some real good stuff and it is a 6a/b/c climbers crag. There is a 3 pitch classic that takes you top the very top of the crag, although most of the routes are one pitch.

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